Our client wanted to share their passion and belief that the Paleo diet is the ultimate in health and taste. The main challenge was how we introduced the new menu to the mass market - as the majority of the offer was created by the client through years of personal testing and refinement. We worked with our client to slightly adjust the menu offer and structure to make it more appealing to the lunch time and afternoon grab and go market. 
Up against a saturated market and with Paleo Supply Co being a new brand, we all wanted to create a concept that would be fun and memorable to entice new customers into the space.  With a restricted budget we allocated spending to certain features such as the marble counter, then created impact elsewhere with cost effective finishes such as the painted gradient - which gives a feeling of positivity and ascension. Through graphic communication and packaging we then aimed to educate customers on paleo benefits and establish our client as the new paleo authority in London.